API in Closed Beta!

AI is developing our tool in a closed beta with select developers.  Please contact us to participate.

We license our API to access our emotion processing platform and provide emotion data for your application.  This data is not available anywhere else.

Our client will record webcam footage, perform screencapture, push a media onto our servers for processing, then pull emotion data back out that is independent, or associated with screencatpure, data, or another video or image item.

A partial list of potential applications for the API.  What can you come up with?

Attuned Machines

Computer responds to interest / frustration

Netflix Affect Based Recommendation Engine

Hulu Audience Metrics

iPod Attuned DJ

Photo Emotion Analytics

Mood Home Lighting

Social Networks

Webinar presentation audience metrics for WebEx / Gotomeeting

Mood tracking / sharing tool for FaceBook, etc.


Emotion Engine for PS3, Sims

Video Chat emotion sensor

Poker training tool

Attuned Learning systems

Rosetta Stone

Emotion Development Tools:

Improve EQ

Anxiety / Depression Feedback

and Support Tools

Drowsiness Detector



Safety Professions

We are releasing more information soon.  Contact us to apply for our closed Beta.