Our Value Proposition: Media and Media Channels

Affective Interfaces has developed an emotion sensing technology that helps media companies leverage consumer emotion metrics for improved audience understanding, on-point product development and accelerated product cycles.

This ground-breaking technology analyzes consumer’s facial expressions to uncover the non rational influences affecting decisions from purchase to engagement. We help you understand how people are feeling about your brand, products and messaging.

We help create revenue and prevent losses by providing audience emotion metrics, monetizing audience reactions and supporting unique insight to improve UI, media, and ad content.. We help media companies differentiate, increase existing and develop new revenue streams while better serving multiple markets.

For your sample population, the execution and capture is easy and non-intrusive – simply utilizing a webcam to record their emotional responses as they are engaged with the media webpage or product.  On the back-end,  our proprietary algorithms then read their emotional state while plotting  a timeline correlated to what is being watched.  Both single subject and group aggregate emotional response reports are available.

Until today, the only answers existing metrics providers could provide was the “what” consumers are measuring click throughs or view time metrics. Other qualitative metrics suffer from outdated techniques such as  synchronous testing, lack of market understanding,  small sample sizes, and testing context bias.  Now for the first time, media online and product companies have access to an easy to implement and comprehensive solution that provides the WHY behind the actions consumers are taking.

When watching an ad or program, or interacting with the UI of your site. Our reports show the screen image and the base emotional response it is producing.  Knowing this,  can impact not only your customer satisfaction metrics but can have strategic implications for how and when you go to market.

Media channels generate large streams of preconcious audience feedback that is not being captured, utilized, or monetized.  Affective Interfaces provides media companies with the opportunity to leverage this stream using actionable reports that provide relevant market data.


  • Create an emotional profile for your programming.
  • Develop insights for both both growth and plateau phases.
  • Increase ad revenue by understanding impact points affecting consideration and preference

AI monetizes viewer data by providing the missing piece in customer intelligence: objective emotional response metrics. Our tool is extensible, allowing large actual data sets with no geographic restriction and asynchronous testing. Correlated to demographic information, these audience metrics provide unprecedented insight.

Our mission is to help companies develop better products and increase revenues by using technology to gather audience reaction and add market value.  We see emotion as highly relevant to media channels and their consumer focused offerings.

Interested in hearing how Affective Interfaces can provide better insight into your consumers’ hearts and minds? Contact us for a product demo.

Thanks and Regards,

Jai Haissman

Founder | CEO

Affective Interfaces, Inc.

Objective Affect Metrics

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