Value Proposition


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Knowing what your customers are doing is great, but wouldn’t you like to know why? Affective Interfaces has developed a ground-breaking technology that can give you the reasons behind the actions you see.

Using emotion sensing technology, Affective Interfaces uses a webcam to capture your customer’s facial expressions in response to your product and can help you uncover the non rational influences affecting decisions from purchase to engagement. We help you understand how people are feeling about your brand, products and messaging.


° Leverage emotion metrics to understand impact points for your site, media or content
° Augment click and site analytics with data that can validate your market assumptions
° Improve your creative cycles with better informed creative and messaging
° Get a view into the heart and mind of your customers

We use a webcam to capture facial expressions and synchronize the image with the recorded screencapture video. The customer then uploads the videos to our servers, we analyze the synchronized video, perform analytics, and produce clear actionable reports on market relevant emotions clearly correlated to elements of your product or branding.

Large representative samples, objective qualitative metrics, non local data, asynchronous testing, and aggregate cross sample measures provide unprecedented insight into the heart and mind of your customer.

What We Measure

Sample Report