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TC50 panelist Tim O’Reilly in his post interview with Sarah Lacy: ”I like things that take a hard problem and in some ways advance the state of the art.  I’m also a sucker for things that are on a big trend…  They are looking at where technology is going.” -Tim O’Reilly (at 1:30)

Bradley Horowitz (VP Product Google at 3m 56s) Video after the jump. Answering Sarah Lacy’s question “Who was your favorite startup at TC50?”, “…Affective Interfaces…. Understanding emotional response with computers is a rich area.” -Bradley Horowitz (Google VP Product) (at 3:58) video after the jump

Tim OReilly, TC50 panel “(Affective Interfaces) is the first one I’ve seen that actually seems like a business.  A couple of businesses actually…” (at 7:15) video after the jump

Kevin Rose, TC50 panel: “I thought it was awesome.  I think that for focus groups or market research for entertainment like Jason mentioned for commercials I think this is going to be huge.”  (7:38) video after the jump

“This isn’t just cool technology, this is radically cool technology.” -Brian Singerman, Founder’s Fund

“Affective Interfaces demo of @KevinRose facial expressions is awesome. It analyzes facial expressions for moods.” Don Dodge, Director of Business Development for Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team

“We need reliable qualitative audience metrics. This technology is a nuclear bomb for advertising.”
– Dir Branding Goodby Silverstein & Partners

“Every decade lately there’s a new technology that sets the landscape. In the 2000s cheap sensors are making an interaction decade culminating in a robot takeoff.”
– Paul Saffo, Stanford

“Affective Interfaces demonstrated some cool new technology today that uses emotion sensing software with webcam footage. The company launched today at the TechCrunch50 conference in San Francisco.”

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