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By Mark Hachman on September 15, 2009

"Affective Interfaces was probably the coolest startup in the group. The firm manufactures emotion recognition systems, recording emotional states using Webcams. It’s similar to “Lie to Me,” the Fox show that uses an investigator with an uncanny knack to sense if people are lying by noting their facial expressions.

Measuring the emotional reaction to a product is an untapped market, according to Jai Haissman, the founder and chief executive. The company gathers emotional reactions to a product or piece of media. The research subjects download the software tool, which syncs the Webcam with the media as it plays back on the screen. The company then analyzes the data and provides a graph of the emotional reaction over time. The data can be broken down by demographics, age, gender, et cetera.

Haissman said that the company can build a Skype tool (I’m not clear on whether it has one or not) and take snapshots of the emotional reaction over the day. Affective is releasing an API, which is entering beta today.."

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